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Mission & Vision

The Mission of NAVIGATORS LOGISTICS backed by years of experience, is to be a leading provider of superior quality services in India and abroad covering complete Global Logistics Solutions, by adopting Quality Management Systems. This has being achieved through the committed efforts of all at Navigators, in an organizational environment that is conducive to professional and personal growth. Through excellence in innovation, productivity and service, we provide value to our customers and business partners while continuing to make a positive contribution to the environment and to the society as a responsible and ethical Corporate Citizen. Our dedicated presence in origin and destination is a part of our strategy to be in control of the physical movement goods as well as seamless flow of information.

Our commitment to our customers is to provide the best possible routes, deliveries at most competitive rates for their in bound and out bound cargo.

  • Delivering Best Practice
    We never compromise on safety & we recognize the importance of our business responsibilities at all times.
  • Inspiring Our Customers
    We look for inspiration from around the world to create distinctive products and services.
  • Caring About Detail
    We are a Global Logistics Provider that never loses sight of even the slightest requirement of our customers & partners. Our attention to the smallest detail makes a difference to every customer.
  • Acting Positively
    We have a ‘CAN DO’ attitude, always striving to exceed accepted standards.
  • Taking Responsibility
    We are entrusted to do the right thing for our customers and our colleagues.
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